January 12, 2011
Burrard Gateway Grocery Update

We are very pleased with the comments received regarding the Burrard Gateway rezoning application.

Local area residents have proven to be a very positive, engaged, community with a high level of concern as to the development of their neighbourhood.

The most consistent theme we have heard from the local community is the desire for a grocery store within the Burrard Gateway development.

Our team has begun the process of exploring design modifications required to support this type of use. At the same time, we have begun discussion with grocery operators and the City of Vancouver to take the steps required to include grocery retail in Burrard Gateway.

As property owners, we would welcome a major grocery retail operator as an anchor community amenity, however City of Vancouver requirements include a study to determine the need for a grocery store in the area and retailers need to be convinced there is enough local interest to create a viable business.

If you would like to see a grocery store as part of the Burrard Gateway Proposal, use the link below to send a message of support to the city. Encourage any friends and neighbours who would also like to see a grocery store in a development of this type to also send their support to City Council and Staff.

Although it is very early in the process, it is our feeling that if the current mixed-use proposal receives the required support and if the Vancouver City Policy on Taller Buildings receives approval, a grocery store is a very likely possibility.

Again, thank you for your support and your active participation in the process.

To send a message of support to City Council and Staff, click below:

To register to speak at the January 20, 2011 City Council hearing on “Vancouver Views and Opportunities for Taller Buildings”, contact:

Tina Hildebrandt at 604.873.7268 or by email at tina.hildebrandt@vancouver.ca.

To learn more about “Vancouver Views and Opportunities for Taller Buildings” visit the City website at:

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